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We are a community of dedicated freeriders who partake in most extreme sports. We have decided to build an online portal for people just like us. is originally based out of Rochester, NY, so we have enhanced features for Western NY vicinity. These "local" features will be applied worldwide after community compiling of topics.

Recommended Wiki sections on our site

A portal for those interested in US Resorts.

Make sure to check out our ever growing mapped-out Online Industry Resources. The plan is to make it a public "bookmarking" system through which all winter-related resources will be accessible thanks to our communities input!

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are going to be huge!

Where to Start?

This wiki will amass things like how to do certain tricks, what bar has the best happy hour at a particular resort, or what pair of goggles will fit best with your helmet can - or will - be found here.

You can start by searching for anything winter related (the search bar is on the left side of the page), or you can check out the Base Lodge for ideas on how to help. And if you need help with anything, from how to navigate the site to how to edit a page, there's always a link to help on the side of the page. And worst case scenario, drop us a line at info@

New Pages?

To ensure a uniform site-wide approach, please refer to these Templates when adding new pages

Missing Pages?

Also, IF there are pages that are missing that you would like filled, that is uploaded from the wikipedia server. Just add them to this KEYWORD page UPLOAD list. They will be added within 72 hours of posting. Thank you for your contribution!

Video Embedding?

STATUS: Waiting for * Install of FramedVideo Extension (for Full-Screen Videos from 3rd Part Sites)

TEST VIDEO: Soon SnoWiki will be able to embed videos from external websites

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SnoWiki To Do Community Features

In an effort to provide the community with the best service, here is a list of Snow-Related Wikis

R&D on &

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This free service will only go as far as the community wants to push it. We plan on being transparent through all stages of development.

Feel free to join our Research and Development BLOG. We may apply suggestions right off the bat. Other times we will post polls to determine the popular rating. Thank You for your input!

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