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Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate is a relatively new snowboard manufacturer located in Waterbury, VT. It was founded in 2001 by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz.

Company Information[]

Rome SDS was founded by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz. Reed and Maravetz worked together in marketing and product development at Burton. They felt the need to start their own company when they began to feel that the snowboard industry was putting out too many mediocre products that sold only because they were used by an Olympic snowboarder and marketed heavily. The two felt that companies had stopped caring about snowboarding. Thus, in late 2001, the two launched Rome SDS.

Rome SDS has been geared to be a brand that ties into the "cultural foundation" of snowboarding. Unlike most other snowboard makers, Rome SDS is not a spin off of a ski company and does not see snowboarding as a subculture of skiing. Both co-founders believe that snowboarding continues to be rooted not necessarilly in the "counterculture," but rather the pursuit of fun on snow, which has been over shadowed in recent years. It's the believe that the "philosophical aspects of snowboarding brands are more important than in other industries."


Similar to how snowboarders in the early days of the sport had an almost anti-establishment ideology, Rome SDS is the same. Having stayed away from some of the more conventional marketing techniques, they provide downloadable posters on their website with writings such as, "Corrosion of the Corporate", "Defy, Defect, Disrupt", and "You can't reform snowboarding" (an obvious reference to the more rebel days of early snowboarding).

Pro Riders[]

Tired of seeing only Olympic Snowboarders being sponsored by snowboarding companies, Reid and Maravetz decided to team up with snowboarders like Jonaven Moore, Ian LaCombe, whose edgy stunts are popular with hard-core snowboarders, A.J. Rosche, Marius Otterstad, Bjorn Leines, Casey Neefus,Jesse Fox, and Jussi Tarvainen.


Rome sells 40 snowboard models in varying sizes, as well as bindings, gloves, bags, and other apparel.

Their snowboards include the Design, Anthem, Flag, Agent,Mod, Graft, Solution, Machine, Artifact, Crail, Label, Blue, Vinyl, and Detail. These boards are top of the line and made for the hardcore riders of the world.


2007 Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood Award:

  • Rome Artifact
  • Rome Graft


  • Rome Agent

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